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The following are some of the testimonials from Rene's patients as well as the physician who continued her work up until about 1994.


I met a friend at a seminar. He told me about the formula. I had a cancerous condition in my female organs which was causing me a lot of pain. I took the formula; my pain went away and I am now free of cancer. God bless you. My eyes are now opened up to the value of natural healing systems, and I spend a lot of time preaching this new religion to my friends.  

-Marjorie L.     Stuart, Florida 

My uncle had lung cancer. They gave him six months to live. He started taking the treatment. That was four years ago. He is convinced it saved him.  

-Rhonda M. Harrison, Ohio  


In the fall of 1992, my mother, who lives in Ohio, was told that her throat and lung cancer had reached the point that she only had ninety days left to live. My sister and I began to help her straighten out her affairs. I heard about the formula. I sent her some. She drank it for two months. On Dec.22, she went back to visit the doctor. He thought that she was coming in to say goodbye. When he checked her she was in total remission. I am a nurse, and I kept her x-rays as proof of her recovery.   

-Ellen Broderick Winter Springs, Florida  


 Our family was devastated when my mother-in-law, Myrna, informed us that she had been diagnosed with cancer. In her case, it was ovarian cancer that had spread to the lymph glands and then to her lungs. It was diagnosed as inoperable and the doctors told her to get her affairs in order. After a hysterectomy, they told her that she would have about six months to live. The tumors in her lungs were too numerous to remove. My sister asked if there was some nutritional approach that might slow down the progress of the disease. The doctor assured her that there was none. By chance, my father heard a radio program where the treatment was explained.  

The remedy was so simple and straightforward that I knew my mother-in-law could take it. She took a little each night. We held our breaths. The doctor and our nurse cousin told us not to get our hopes up. Yet the weekly x-rays began indicating something they did not expect. Little by little the tumors in her lungs stabilized and they began to diminish. The nursing staff at the doctor’s office reacted in awe as week after week the tumors began disappearing and her blood count returned to normal. A little more than a year after taking the formula, the doctor called to tell Myrna that she was an official miracle. Her charts showed no indication of cancer in any system. To date, five years later on, there has been no recurrence of cancer.  

-R. Kirkland Washington  

I had prostate cancer. My doctor gave me six months. I took the formula as well as several other natural cures. My prostate cancer is gone.  

-A liquor store manager Orlando, Florida  


 I had ovarian cancer, which was diagnosed as widespread.  They removed my ovaries and six inches of the colon. I was advised afterward that they could not remove all of the cancer cells and they recommended chemotherapy. I refused because of heart problems. I found an article about the treatment and told the doctors I was going to try it. Well, the results have been remarkable. I had lost over 62 pounds and have now gained over 16 back. Have been stronger and able to resume my work with ceramics. I do not believe that I would be alive now if it had not been for this treatment. I recommend it to everyone, and I am amazed at how cancer touches so many lives.  

-Doris Kearns Porter, Texas 

I began taking the treatment for severe arthritis and severe fatigue.  The results are unbelievable! I am doing everyday normal things that I haven't been able to accomplish for ten years; ten years that have taken a great toll on my life.  Since I have been taking it, I have felt the years float away and I have regained the feeling of youth again.  I am very happy with the results.  The results were immediate.  Thank you for the wonderful formula. 

-Lucy Claudine Gibson  Lakewood CA  



I am 65 years old and my health problems have really been creeping up on me.  A friend gave me a bottle of the formula and I really connected with the product.  My cousin learned that he had cancer so I sent him the book about the treatment.  He was unable to do chemo because he had other health issues.  He takes the treatment religiously and his cancer is now gone. 

-William Hampton  Stockbridge  MA 


 I have a friend who has had rheumatoid arthritis for over nine years.  In May I gave her some of my formula.  She liked it and began taking it regularly.  Within two weeks, she felt great relief from her pain.  Within two months she could raise her arms full length over her head; something she had not been able to do for nine years.  She just went to Ireland to visit her relatives and is taking the formula with her to give to them. 

-Alice Bailey    Wintersprings FL 


 Several years ago, I escorted my mother to the outpatient clinic of a local hospital to have a small lump removed from her parotid gland on the left side of her face.  What a shock when the doctors found advanced lymphoma cancer throughout her body.  I began researching volumes of books looking for some unknown answer.  A program of nutritional supplements and natural food diet was begun...It was extremely tense as the doctors began chemotherapy.  In fact, mother was taken to the emergency room six times that first month.  Being eighty, it was probably her strong heart that kept her alive and with me to tell her story today.  Dancing and teaching others to stay well through dance has kept her going strong all of her life. 

Letters with prayers for her improved health poured in and a friend sent an article about Rene's herbal formula.  Hopeful that this could somehow help, I went searching for the ingredients and actually brewed the formula myself.  On Christmas Eve, 1992, three months after my mother's diagnosis of lymphoma, the doctors pronounced that my mother was not just in remission but was cancer-free!  While we will never know what cured her of this dreaded disease, we feel in our hearts it was the herbal formula and nutrition that played a major role. 

-Candy Arnold    Bellevue   WA 



I have Multiple Sclerosis.  My friend Kelly started me on the formula.  After three months, I was able to put my crutches away.   After a year, I walk with only a slight limp. 

-Barbara Johnson   Apopka  FL 


Today, October 25, 2022, there are currently seven individuals under treatment.  Each is doing well and I am so optimistic.  If I am being completely honest, I am also scared every day.  Fearful in these first months that the treatment doesn't produce the same results Rene was able to produce; cancer-free.  I start to think, what if the formula is not exactly the same as it was back then?  But I remind myself that everyone is reporting initial positive benefits, just as they did back then.  I can also say from my experience alone, I draw extreme comfort. I began taking the treatment in March as one of many of us simply testing the formula for any possible ill side effects and the safety of the product in general.  We all have our personal testimonials, but this is mine:

During my first month, something happened that I could've never foreseen.  It is the number one reason I believe with my soul that this formula is the miracle we all seek. I had what I call a "stomach issue"  from surgery twenty years ago.  I had an emergency appendectomy because my appendix burst 72 hours prior to surgery. In order to remove the poison from my intestines, it was necessary to cut a large portion out.  Without going into graphic details, my children can attest, I've had "issues" ever since.  If you knew my kids and our family, we love to tease, so they love explaining to others as I quickly exit a room "everybody get out of the way, she's gotta go."  Diarrhea with little prior notice before onset is not something to joke about.   Embarrassing but also true.  After about three weeks of taking the treatment, it is gone.  I have returned to my normal self, like in my twenties.  I am both absolutely astounded and so incredibly grateful.

My next benefit; I have been thin my whole life, even after giving birth to five [extremely amazing] kids.  But around age forty, my metabolism changed.  I gained about 20 pounds.  During COVID, another 15.  My daughter was getting married so I tried everything to lose weight.  In my twenties, I could lose any five pounds I gained in a week or two.  But my metabolism here in my fifties had slowed down to the point of non-existent.  I couldn't lose a pound.  No amount of exercise or diet.  I was so saddened at the pictures of myself at her bridal shower on February 9th.  It was in March that I first began the treatment.  I can tell you today, I am back to my high school weight.  I've lost 38 pounds since I began. The blood purification portion of the treatment restored my metabolism. I am positive of it.  

Thirdly, my skin, hair, nails, bladder, and mental clarity, all of these have improved.  I won't continue to ramble on but anyone who saw me at that shower in Feb 2022 and who sees me today asks what in the world did I do to lose the weight and make my hair grow.  My daughter commented last week that she pays a fortune for extensions for what I have naturally.  My hair has always been a bit thin and getting thinner each year.  I now have thick and long hair.  If I meet anyone reading this in person, I will gladly show my daughter's post of me from February (38 lbs heavier but I will still show you lol).

I understand that I do not have a serious diagnosis and these benefits are minor and even cosmetic, but my point is that I am unable legally to discuss the incredible current success rate with others who have serious conditions(because they've only taken for a few months), but I can discuss mine.

 I never want to offer anyone false hope, I have a personal reason I began this mission for two people very close to me,  but I feel strongly that we are about to see great things through this treatment and through the power of our Almighty Father.

Thank you for considering taking this journey with us.  We cannot do it without brave people like you who are willing to participate while in the midst of your own personal time of need.  I am so sorry for what you are going through and may I ask that you simply pray and ask God if this is what you should do, He will let you know through the peace in your heart if it is the right path for you.

I wish you great health and healing now and always!





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