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A Tribute to Rene Caisse

Rene Caisse was an amazing, selfless, and courageous pioneer of medicine. In the early twenties, medical doctors and nurses, after receiving their degree, had long since stepped away from the Valarian roots, Sage, and plants used in the 1800s and centuries prior.  They were professionals using real medications, with chemical compounds like aspirin.  Aspirin was invented in 1897 by a German chemist working for the Bayer company.  He was able to modify salicylic acid from the bark of a Willow tree, thus making it easier on the stomach.  This bark had been used for centuries for pain relief.  Also, chemotherapy and radiation were already on the scene and the preferred treatment plan for most cancers.

Ms. Caisse was humble enough to never favor modern medicine over common sense.  When she first learned of a formula from an indigenous tribe used to cure a woman with metastatic cancer, she sought the treatment relentlessly due to the fact that her mother's only sister had recently been diagnosed with a serious cancer.  Rene said that it took her years to perfect, but she was able to administer the formula to her aunt and she lived another 23 years. 

Realizing her therapy with the formula was all-natural and of no harm whatsoever, she asked the physician she worked for if she could administer the treatment to his patients.  He agreed on one condition, she could only treat the ones who'd already received chemotherapy and radiation and were still terminal.  It was recorded that many patients arrived by ambulance to receive her care.

She cured many people, not into remission, but cancer free.  The city where she lived was so impressed, they gave her a clinic for the sole purpose of administering her formula. 

She worked twelve-hour days for over eight years at the clinic, curing thousands, many driving hundreds of miles. They say word of mouth is the most effective advertising.  Can you imagine today if there were such a clinic? Knowing that surgery, chemo, and radiation hold no guarantees of a cure today just as they held none then, people would come from all corners of the earth to that clinic.

View the documentary clip on this page where when interviewed, Rene explains how after eight years, she was approached first by a physician who wanted her to leave the clinic and continue her research on animals, and then an American pharmaceutical company that offered her one million dollars to close her clinic and sell her formula to them.  She kindly explained to each that she was treating 400 to 600 patients a week and she simply could not abandon them.  

One day, a prestigious surgeon asked if he and five other doctors could come into the clinic and observe her successful therapy.  Little did she know that her kindness would only bring trouble.

The fact is Rene Caisse cured cancer.  The indigenous tribe, the Ojibwes, gave her a list of tree and plant extracts and many online stories give credit to them, but the fact is if the Ojibwe tribe created this formula, they would still have it today.  It is our belief that pharmaceutical corporations gave false credit to the tribe as well as spread false information regarding what to use and how to formulate the treatment.

The company we formed today, Reneprevent (ruh-nep-pre-vent), is named after this brave nurse. We are certain that we are fortunate enough to be the only company in the world with the formula; but we can't take credit.  We will restore her reputation and most of all recognize her victory in not only discovering the greatest medical contribution this world has ever witnessed but having the courage to use it, curing thousands of helpless patients before the power and greed of others stood in her way.  Rene, may your spirit know we give all credit to you, and soon your treatment will be used across the globe to cure and eradicate this awful disease.

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