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My Personal Experience with the Treatment      by Karen Delchamps

During my first month, something happened that I never imagined could.  I didn't need the formula, didn't need it to cure anything, I was healthy.  However, I had a stomach issue from surgery twenty years ago.  I had an emergency appendectomy because my appendix has burst 72 hours prior to surgery. In order to remove the poison from my intestines, it was necessary to cut a large portion out.  Without going into graphic details, my children can attest, I've had "issues" ever since.  If you knew my kids and our family, we love to tease, so they love explaining to others as I quickly exit a room "everybody get out of the way, she's gotta go."  Embarrassing but also true.

I cannot explain it medically nor can I prove it, but after about three weeks of the treatment, an issue that I had every day for twenty years is gone.  Gone.

Fast forward to today.  I have been thin my whole life, even after five kids.  But around age forty, my metabolism changed.  I gained about 15 pounds.  After COVID, another 15.  My daughter was getting married so I tried everything to lose weight.  I used to lose any five pounds I gained in a week or two.  But my metabolism had slowed down to the point of non-existent.  I couldn't lose a pound.  No amount of exercise or diet.  I was so saddened at the pictures of myself at her shower.  It was in March that I first began the treatment.  I can tell you today, I am back to my high school weight.  I lost 38 pounds since I began. The blood purification portion of the treatment restored my metabolism.

Thirdly, my skin, hair, nails, bladder, and mental clarity.  I won't continue to ramble on but anyone who saw me at that shower in Feb 2022 and who sees me today asks what in the world did I do to lose the weight and make my hair grow.  My daughter commented last week that she pays a fortune for extensions for what I have naturally.  My hair has always been thin and getting thinner each year.  I now have thick hair.

I understand that I do not have a serious diagnosis and these benefits are minor and even cosmetic, but my point is that I am unable legally to discuss the incredible current success rate with others who have serious conditions(because they've only taken for a few months), but I can discuss mine.

 I do have some testimonials from the physician from about forty years ago.  FYI, I looked up each person who listed their last name; each one of them (if I am looking at the correct obituary) lived to be over ninety!  No one could've possibly falsified this because they were written so long ago.

Regardless, these reviews are so uplifting.

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